Designed for a daily basis use.

Cyclop OS makes linux accessible for everyone, makes your computer faster and more secure and let you use it with a high performance use.
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Accessible for everyone

Cyclop is an easy to use operating system, everything is as accessible as Windows, Apple or other operating system but in a Linux environement !

  • Easy to use environement.
  • Aesthetic Design.
  • Privacy and Security at it's best.
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Gamers, Are you ready ?

Cyclop OS is designed at first for going further on Linux. YES ! you are going to play all of your games on Cyclop OS with the highest performance, and with your best graphic card.Install native Linux and Windows games from Steam, Lutris, and other sources.

Designer. At your Pen and Tablet !

Cyclop OS comes integrated with open source graphic design application like Gimp or Inkscape, but Window App like the Adobe Suites can be installed too thanks to our windows support App integrated.

  • GIMP & Inkscape
  • Compatible with all graphic tablets
  • Support Windows Apps
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Mobile connected ON

Cyclop OS has an integrated App called Cyclop Connect that let you connect your phone to your computer, at one condition : Your phone must have the Cyclop Connect App (Present on Playstore). It works over an encrypted connection on your local network, so your data stays private and never reaches the cloud
It makes you Sync your notifications, SMS, Calls and simplifies the file transfer. And comes with many other features !

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick response to the most asked questions to make it quick and accessible for you !

  • How much does Cyclop OS cost?

    Cyclop OS is completely free to use, every features is available in it. But if you absolutely want to help us by donating You can click Download and donate.

  • Yes ! It is possible to run Cyclop OS from a USB drive to test-drive it without using your computer's hard drive. After that if you are ready to install it, just click on Install Cyclop OS on the desktop or the menu and follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • If your computer is already running Windows or a Linux System like Ubuntu, Fedora ,.. it will probably work perfectly on your computer.If you hesitate about it you can check the section System Requirements in the Features Page !

  • At first the installation of the ISO : It will depend on your internet speed, can take only 10 minutes . After that the installation on your computer that takes between 10 to 20 minutes depending on your computer.So generally, it will take to 20 minutes to maybe one hour if the power is not with you !

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