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About Cyclop OS.

Cyclop OS uses a Linux Kernel, a complete Operating System present before all well-know operating systems.It is used in everything ,even the International Space Station.But not everyone is using it even thought the awesomness of this Operating System, but why ? In fact, this Operating System isn't easy to use, and has a unique desktop interface.

To resume the Linux Operating System is fast, reliable, super secure and resistant to viruses but only few people are using it because he's different of Mac OS, Windows,.. Linux Distribution exists, we can take an example of Ubuntu that is really friendly to new users that dive in the Linux Operating System ,but it still far from traditionnal operating system. That's why we decided to take a step forward and create an operating system that has an aesthetic design that looks friendly to new Linux users !

We Created Cyclop OS to be the union of the awesomness of Linux OS, with an easy to use interface. Which results to a secure, fast , and use with high performance of a pretty Operating System that let everyone access to it without knowledge about Linux. Beside that, Linux's Gamers are struggling since the beggining with the games on Linux, and that is the main goal of Cyclop OS : Make Gaming Possible On Linux.

Features of Cyclop OS.

Drivers : Cyclop OS comes with pre-installed drivers especially for your NVIDIA graphic card. Your Graphic Card should work perfectly on our system.

Apps : A bunch of already installed Apps are present in our system, you can find Steam, Lutris, Gimp, Inkscape, Visual Studio Code and Libre Office suites.All the basic needs for gaming, designing , programming and a daily use.

Desktop : The interface of Cyclop Operating System is aesthetic, and simple to use, it is inspired by the look of Ubuntu mixed with Mac OS design.

Gaming : In our system, everything is set up to let you enjoy gaming on Linux, you can find basic apps like game center, lutris, steam, and even extension like the Xbox controller service that lets you connect your xbox controller to our system. The system is designed for high performance use to let you enjoy your games at a high FPS and extraordinary Resolution.

Design : Our system has inside of it two open-source apps for your creativity : GIMP and Inkscape, and the necessary drivers for your graphic tablets.You can also install Windows Design Apps like the Adobe Suite's Software.

Easy-To-Use : Everything is designed to be accessible for everyone, no need to know linux well to understand our system and use it.